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901 West 38th Street #409, Austin, Texas 78705

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  • David Hime
    Dec 01, 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I am a dental colleague of Dr. McGuire’s, and I recently had what can only be described as a 5 star experience in his office. My 24 year old niece lives in Nashville, and had called me because she had been told that two old root canals she had done due to enamel malformations in her molars had gone bad, and that the two teeth needed to be removed and replaced by implants. That is an unusual and severe diagnosis for a young adult with otherwise healthy teeth. Long story short, we decided that it was best to fly her to Austin to have a consultation with Dr. McGuire. Due to her work schedule, the only day she could come to town was on a Friday, so Dr. McGuire and his assistant Mari came into work on a day off to take care of her. He carefully evaluated her, took a 3D X-ray (that the Endodontist in Nashville failed to do) and explained carefully to my niece that there were deficiencies in her existing root canals, and that he was confident that if he redid them, that the teeth could and would survive for many, many more years. He did the 1st stage of the root canals that day, and 3 months later completed them. All the infection had cleared up, new bone had grown in where the previous infections had eroded it, and all the sensitivity and inflammation around these two teeth had resolved. She’s now going to redo the two crowns, and I have confidence that these teeth will last her for her entire lifetime.

    Dr. McGuire demonstrated extreme empathy, concern, expertise, humor, and selflessness throughout this entire process, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His staff is very kind, and almost all of them are cross trained to work both in the clinical area (doing root canals) and at the front desk (answering your questions on the phone). This means that everyone knows everything in his office. The office is clean, modern, and tastefully decorated. He has a TV and coffee service in the waiting area for those who are lucky enough to not need a root canal!

    5 stars all around for this exemplary office!
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